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Muscle building is an intricate process that can take years to develop. It’s not just about lifting weights and eating lots of protein, though this certainly plays its role in muscle growth!

The human body was designed for movement; including exercises like jogging or climbing stairs at work. This type of activity helps with circulation as well giving more energy throughout the day which then stimulates hormones necessary for gaining lean mass over time – especially if they’re intense enough where you have trouble getting them done during your lunch hour because sore muscles prevent us from doing anything else but laying on our backs until dinnertime rolls around again.

We’re Not Just About Building Muscle, We Want to Build You!

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been turning to science-based protocols for years. Muscle Building is one such example where we use knowledge from different fields like anatomy, pharmacology, or exercise physiology in our quest of understanding how best to help you go from Good to GREAT! 

With coaching advice tailored specifically towards YOUR needs as an individual – it starts here at Toussaint Training  What does this mean?….

Toussaint training is here to train you in the science of muscle building so that your body can be built perfectly.

All our personal certified trainers for muscle building have an in-depth understanding of the three techniques for developing muscle hypertrophy, which in non-scientific terms can be simply called – increasing the muscle mass. Have a look at these three mechanisms:

We’re here to help you build a strong, shredded body. Whether it’s with protein shakes and supplements or just good old-fashioned sweat equity – we’ve got your back!

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The Goal is to take you from Good to GREAT!!!

Building Mechanical Tension

Mechanical tension is produced when we use heavy weights to exercise. At Toussaint training, we emphasize that our clients perform their exercise via a full range of motion and for a prolonged duration of time. It creates sufficient mechanical tension that is required for building muscles. We never compromise on the technique, which means you always get the desired outcome when you train with us.

Causing Muscle Damage

For beginners, muscle damage might seem like a bad thing, but scientifically it is a good thing as far as building muscles is concerned. We initiate the process of muscle damage through resistance training, which predominantly comes from concentric and eccentric contractions. After resistance training, you are likely to feel muscle soreness as an outcome of micro-tears caused by muscle damage. The damage to muscle triggers protein synthesis, and the body automatically starts the process of rebuilding muscles.

Creating Metabolic Stress

Higher repetition with lighter weights can help you create metabolic stress, which is a vital part of muscle building. We, at Toussaint training, induce metabolic stress along with mechanical tension and muscle damage in a safe manner so that our clients get the desired results without any risk of injury. If you can’t visit the gym due to safety reasons (due to Covid-19), we also provide an online personal certified trainer who can help you achieve your muscle-building goals.

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