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Do You Want to Live a Healthy Life?

Then weight training is an essential part. There are many benefits of doing so: It keeps your muscles strong and prevents them from shrinking with age. Holds the body’s metabolism at higher levels – meaning it can help maintain or increase one’s energy level over time.

Add Weight Training to Your Cardio Routine for Maximum Impact!

If you are trying to work smarter, not harder with exercise and nutrition – do what’s called “Cardio-Weight”. This means doing high-intensity strength training workouts while on a treadmill or stationary bike. You can also add weights when lifting light so that these exercises target specific muscle groups while still being low impact enough where they won’t harm our joints too much over time.

At Toussaint training, we work according to the fundamental weight training principles so you can feel good and look great without risking injury.

When it comes time for your workout session with us online or in-person at CrossFit Stone Jargon in Pinellas Park, Fl, our trained coaches will ensure that each exercise is done correctly using only machines or free weights appropriate for an individual’s current level of fitness as well as their age group/size considerations.

Perform Warm-up Every Single Time

Without a warm-up, you can risk injuries. So, we always make it a point that our clients do some aerobics or jumping jacks before hitting the weights.


Focus on Finding the Best Technique

Correct form and technique are more important than how much you can lift. Our trainers are very proactive in teaching the proper posture, grip, and movement. They monitor you closely, identify flaws (if any), and adjust your technique till it becomes perfect.

Use Appropriate Weight and Start Slowly

We always ensure that our clients lift weights as per their capacity and without compromising on their form. Slowly and steadily, we increase the weights depending on your progress. Toussaint training specialists recommend that you start slow, master the technique, and gradually progress to heavier weights.

Rest Your Body

Training a body part too much isn’t ideal when you are training with weights. So, we ensure that our clients work on a particular body part one day, give it appropriate rest, and then return to it on another day.

Whether it is weight training at home for weight loss or to achieve a muscular body, we have the experience to guide you in the right direction.

Strength Training

Strength training is slightly different from weight training. It is focused on achieving specific desired results from the training program. Apart from aiding your general health, it also helps you reach a physical condition ideal for performing particular tasks.

In most cases, strength training includes weight training with a few bodyweight exercises thrown into the mix, such as pushups, lunges, and resistance movements. Strength training also requires a variety of equipment for some exercises such as:

  • Balance balls
  • Ropes
  • Plyo boxes
  • Sleds

At Toussaint training, we have all the necessary equipment. We whole-heartedly listen to you and understand your strength goals and then form a training program that helps you achieve those goals. 

So, if you have a strength-related target to achieve, make your way to Toussaint training – online or in-person – and put yourself on the right path.

Principles of Strength Training

We follow these strength training principles:

  • Raising the level of stress and stimuli on your body, so it gets out of its comfort zone and adapts itself to build muscles at the right places.
  • Focus on compound movements to ensure all the joints are completely worked upon.

In strength training, planning is very important. Therefore, we provide you with a strength training personal trainer that can design your workout according to your body type and goals.

All training activities are supervised by our personal trainer for strength training. We are always there to help you whenever you need help with technique or motivation.

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