Are you looking to lose weight and get in shape? 

Then high-intensity interval training might be just the fitness strategy for you.

High-intensity aerobic exercise is different than traditional endurance workouts because it requires us to push ourselves hard during periods of rest, making this type effective at burning fat while also promoting muscle growth!

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Principle of HIIT

The basic principle of HIIT is that the shorter is the time interval for the movement, the higher its intensity will be.

In the beginning, HIIT was primarily used by athletes for building endurance. But of late, it has been found useful for people suffering from health issues such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Types of HIIT Workout

At Toussaint training, we specialize in these two categories of HIIT workout:

  • Aerobic HIIT: Includes activities such as track-based running and spin-classes

  • Bodyweight HIIT: Includes activities such as Crossfit, boot camp training, and Tabata

Through our online HIIT training classes, we teach you a mix of both types of HIIT workouts so that you get the best results out of your training sessions.

How HIIT Works?

When you perform shorter workouts that require high intensity, the oxygen stored in your body is depleted. Therefore, the body shifts to anaerobic mode and starts using fats instead of carbs for energy. When you start the recovery, the body gets back to aerobic mode and restores the supply of oxygen. As a result, both the anaerobic and aerobic performance of a person’s body is enhanced via HIIT.

Customizable HIIT

The greatest thing about HIIT is that it can be customized to meet the requirements of its different practitioners. For a trained athlete and a patient suffering from diabetes, there can be two versions of HIIT workouts that can be designed to meet their specific needs. At Toussaint training, we specialize in developing the best online HIIT workout programs that help you attain the desired outcome.

Whether your passion is fitness who requires advanced exercising training or a motivated person looking for high-intensity interval training for beginners, Toussaint training has the right knowledge, resources, and equipment to help you with your fitness.

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